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Enea dj has lived in Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK. He is a renowned DJ, who has been involved in more than 400 productions throughout his career and which range from jazz to electronic music.

His live performances across Europe are marked by his passion for latin rhythms. His biggest successes so far include entering the compilation of Privilege Ibiza (2005), the first place in the Pete Tong charts with his track “Shine on” (2008) and the first place in the Ibiza charts with the remix of “Shine on” (2010).

During the last year he has collaborated with many international artists, like Groove Assassin, Ladybird, Silvia Zaragoza, Steve Paradise, Dj Lukas Wolf and many more.

Enea Dj

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Orgin: Vicenza, IT
Links: Facebook
Genres: Deep, Soulful