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Mickel Dj to his passion for music began at an early age,
Sunday afternoon secretly went to listen to the club house, of the 80’s a nightclub, situated near his house.

Over the years, Mickel dj started to develop his passion so as to make it his primary concern.

Continuing his studies, afternoons were always dedicated to the development, and improvement of the technique using various instruments,as the famous techincs.

Start events every Saturday organized by students, private parties and other situations.

Age ‘of 19 years Mickel dj began attending a fm radio (Radio Centro) conducting a program which aired every Friday called Underground People.

After a few years his passion for music is set aside for family reasons, then it resumes with great difficulty his passion, but with determination.

Starts to get in the race with events in bars and nightclubs such as Belmonte cafès Art cafe, with a genre Soul house coming to discos and clubs like Clorophilla and Mandarin, located in the province of Taranto.

On its way from dj meets various musical trends, but what I really like most is the Soul house and tech house. Mickel dj prefers to do pre-evenings in the local fashion. Age ‘of 30 years Mickel dj began studying various software and magazines committing to production.

He worked as a DJ at the shoulder to Joe T Vannelli, Anane ‘Vega, Dino Angels. He collaborates with various labels from Câblage records, Veninet records, Nero Nero records.

Mickel Dj

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Orgin: Italy
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Genres: Deep, House, Tech House

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