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Dj Lukas Wolf for over 20 years in the music scene….Dynamic , careful to details and whimsical:

Three of the most important characteristics that define “Dj Lukas Wolf”…

His innate passion for music, and research particular sounds, led him always to deal with different genres and new sounds, creating a unique style, leaving room for a plurality of interpretations and being able to have balance and harmony between Tech House , Deep, and Underground Old school…

Dj Lukas Wolf it starts from very young, to conduct a variety of programs mix in radio, and offering his music in some console prestigious of his city….In 1997 he became a resident DJ of a major nightclub in Bari. Where he met in 2000, a Great Producer providing the opportunity to make his first record production….And so from then on his passion for music and his professional experience is enhanced even of ability on software and hardware for production and post-production….

Subsequently founded his own Label NERO NERO RECORDS project dedicated to converge publications and products of their own tracks, with the new talents of the national and international scene , and proud to give voice mainly also producers in his region…Today its definition is not only DJ but also to sound engineer with extensive experience in time…expert in mixing and Masterings….

Dj Lukas Wolf

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Orgin: Milan, IT
Links: Facebook
WebSite: DjLukas
Label: Bacci Bros Records
Genre: Deep House

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